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December 15 - 18, 2016

Updated October 3, 2016


December 15 - Rehearsal
December 16 - Rehearsal
December 17 - Rehearsal
December 18 - Dress Rehearsal; Great Barrington Concert


Mozart Adagio and Fugue (7')
Mozart - Piano Concerto, K414 A Maj, 22' with Shai
Vivaldi/Adams group (15')
John Luther Adams - The Wind in High Places (2nd mvt only; string quartet 4')
Vivaldi - 'Winter' from 4 Seasons (1st mvt 3.5')
Vivaldi - 'Winter' (2nd mvt. 1.5')
John Luther Adams - The Wind at Maclaren Summit (solo violin 3')
Vivaldi - 'Winter' (3rd mvt. 3')


Dvorak Serenade (30 min) 

Alicia Doudna*
J Freivogel
Meg Freivogel
Ken Hamao*
Susie Park
Annaliesa Place
Harumi Rhodes
Michi Wiancko (maybe)

Maurycy Banaszek (maybe)
Rebecca Gitter
Melissa Reardon
Dimitri Murrath*

Rachel Freivogel*
Clancy Newman*
Alberto Parrini*
Raman Ramakrishnan

Tom Van Dyck
(Bass 2 TBD)

* denotes GEM