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Meg Freivogel

Meg Freivogel McDonough


Meg Freivogel McDonough, second violinist of the Jupiter String Quartet, grew up playing chamber music with her siblings in a quartet of their own. Originally from St. Louis, she was fortunate to grow up in a big family in which it was possible to play team sports on a regular basis (quartets included, of course) -- among her favorites Ultimate Frisbee.  Inspired by childhood music teachers Ronda Cole and John Kendall, she attended the Cleveland Institute of Music for a Bachelor of Music degree, studying with Donald Weilerstein and participating in the flourishing chamber music program run by Peter Salaff and the Cavani Quartet.  From there, Meg moved to Boston and the New England Conservatory where she fulfilled her Master of Music and Master of String Quartet degrees, acting as teaching assistant to Donald Weilerstein and studying closely with Paul Katz. She now lives in Boston concertizing extensively with the Jupiter String Quartet, devoting her life to keeping chamber music easily accessible, current and interesting to young and old audiences alike. She is also a founding member of ECCO (East Coast Chamber Orchestra) and continues to play with them as well as collaborate with other groups such as A Far Cry (Boston).

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